Sunday, 21 September 2014

SO, its about that time, getting ready for schooling

Gettting ready for school, a new bag and stationary

Secondary and primary schools have already started a week ago but universities start next week once this freshers week has completed. Its sometimes thought that freshers weeks are a waste of time, but it really is a good idea to make the most of this week and familiarise yourself with the educational establishment,  the library student union and health and safety standards.

Here is a sweet couple of bits of stationary I picked up from the pound shop, the rest of the stationary is from other places but consists of pens, pencils, diaries for the new academic year and note books, binders, file papers and binder seperaters, erasers, pencil sharpners, colored pencils and crayons if you so wish to brighten up the school work but also some handy hi-lighters. You can also keep some tipex in your collection of stationery, but its doubtful you should ever need to use this. 

Compurters, electronic notepads and tablets are being allowed into schools but do form an integral part of university life, heres to the start of a new academic year although some of us would have been studying all year round with textual resorses or on-line courses.

Surely and of couse not to forget remove the emergency numbers on the door
to a things to do list. You of course still need to keep some emergency numbers list if you have small children.

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