Friday, 19 December 2014



I thought to myself what coould be easier than doing a fashion blog, but then when I started I realised another numerous facotors which were also involved. I just coudnt do a fashion blog without it being ethically correct

Its going to be a long article which I will update on a regular basis

Primark and aldi, ecconomical stores to shop at, primark has been reported to have been involved in some accidents with staff with the collapse o the building, but the staff were compensated and it was claimed not to have been primark's problem but problems with the building which was leased.
do not feel embarassed by shopping at these places because they are not as expensive as othe stores and remember that you are helping a bigger cause.

Just think of all the money you will be able to invest with the savings you make.

bosy shop was the first of the retails outfits which I as aware of on a comercial bisis which impemented a fair tradidng policy, unfortunately they then went to affliate with israel and I have since stopped using their products.

arami is another one, a clothing designer brand which is also affliated with israel and I no longer shop from them


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