Friday, 30 January 2015


Release the children of Palestine

israel is an illegal occupation
america didnt want the jews when they went to america, yet america gives aid to israel to fight and stray in Palestine. the jews arressted for trafficing body parts. but how far this trafficking racket extend.
put on trail officials loyal to israel, this would be a start by no means a solution to the authorities of the crimes Israel has committed
priority political asylum for children of palestine, until the cannibalism of israel is stopped.
jewish corruption with music and marketing the jewish hand behind the internet.
Israel is a war crime, children being kept as prisoners in war, these children have rights.
give the children their rights and release them from  the prisons of Israel, what kind of cannibal society imprisons children in war.
Israeli Crimes against Palestinian Children
Noam Chomsky - US Israeli Crimes Against Palestine
Noam Chomsky - Israel Is On The Road To Self Destruction
Noam Chomsky (Aug 7, 2014) "Much Worse Than Apartheid"
so why then did you not do everything possible to avoid israel products.
How-the-world-violates-human-rights-country-by-country.html but is it worse than palestine ?

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

start fresh

start fresh

Start somewhere leave the past behind you, if you feel you cannot handle another broken relationship. If you vented to your closest and dearest. Start from fresh again, because everyday is a new beginning

find a quick way to shed those extra pounds and live happier.

If you were just looking for a friend that would understand and worried where the tiny footsteps in your life would tred.

everything changed

I wasnt surprised what you saw in me, I know who I am, I was surprised you saw it and wondered who you were

Julia Sequin Dress

Julia Sequin Dress
My star buy from this years sales would be this wonderful golden piece from monsoon. ! 
 Julia sequin dress.

I would wear the dress with a pair of jeggins, to create this slightly unusual look.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

dream eyes

spooky eyes
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Spooky Eyes based in the UK specialise in crazy, natural and Halloween cosmetic contact lenses. Stocking over 500 designs for many different occasions and amazing low prices.

pink contact lens set
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Great to change your eye colour, or to enhance your look. From natural green and blue, to Sparkle and party colours, and some amazing Halloween lenses.

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