Sunday, 22 February 2015



I would have to be so bored before I decided to sit down with my fruit drink and laptop and decided to put together this website, being one of those type of people that always leaves everything to the last minute and gets a b, and could have got an a if work had been planned. thats a grade a and a grade b.

as it poured down with rain outside, not much different from the many days that had come before, I finally decided to up load the pictures, having decided against using the beautiful model I had found.
as much as technology advances...

as I cuddled up to the heating system with my warm monsoon boots, I started work on the website, I felt as though I was writing the book I had always thought about writing but had decided against as the information may be used for the wrong purposes.

do not ever be put off or let people tell you that you cannot do or achieve something, do not ever expect compliments from people that are determined to see you fail, remember there is not only one way to do something, but many different ways, do not work at another's pace, and set your own deadlines.

trust your own instincts.

if you are finding it difficult to vision your successful future then look back over and remind yourself of your successes and previous accomplishments.

this must be a first for me as I have not left the work till the last minute but have stated days in advance.

if your not ready to follow your own dream then do not be afraid to help someone elsa with their dream.

I mean when is it ever a good idea to start  a new business, when the kids are young and there is a demand for the products that you yourselfs have found it difficult to get hold of, or when the kids have grown up and you have all the time in the world on your hands and you are nolonger in touch with the needs of the market place.

I accidently pressed publish instead of save in draft mode and so you see, it had to be so.


I wanted a business I could run from anywhere and one that would fit into my busy lifestyle as a mother.



1.  make sure you have competed all home work and projects set.

2.  uniform is washed and ironed.

3.  dinner money and packed lunch fillings and fruit has been purchased and             prepared.

4.  packed lunch has been prepared with fresh fruit and vegetables.

5.  school run is designated and planned.

6.  presents for friends have been purchased to avoid last minute rush.

7.  p.e kit has been washed and ironed is ready for school.

8.  school stationery is ready and you are fully equipt with everything that is               needed.

9. suntan lotion and medication if needed has been clearly labelled and teachers         informed.

10. school shoes still fit after the holidays, have been polished if needed and school       bag is still in fashion !  

11. Get the hair trimmed.

12..Have all clothes labeled

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


whichever way you disguise it obama your excuses to steal the oil cannot go unrecognised any longer and the residents of america do not wish to live in poverty any more inorder to fuel a war.

When it is people like obama that do have understanding of religion how can such a person claim to be stopping the very people that deviate from religion.

it is true there have been many problems related to the economy of the country and the rights of eastern countries residents not being honoured, so why is this any reason for obama to take it upon himself to attack these countries.

Its about time america stopped stealing the oil.

problems as in most countries is associated with the economy of the country, poverty and residents having being denied their rights, so that does not give reason for obama to attack these countries when they are vulnerable.

I would be interested to know why obama's main concern is not in regards to the increased poverty which has been created in america and how much more poverty obama expects its residents to continue to live with and for how much longer obama expects the poverty to deteriorate.

If there is a problem within an islamic country then muslims are more than capable of resolving their own problems without the intervention of obama.

I would suggest that obama concentrate on getting the medical system which was meant to be a similar system to that of the nhs available in the uk, functional and combating poverty and the gang culture which exists in america.

Friday, 13 February 2015

shopping in asda when a black man attempted to pull my nikab from my face

the day I was shopping in asda and a black man attempted to pull my nikab off my face.

people that perverted islam ? who are these exactly, people that want to attack countries for the oil !

I was walking around the supermarket and suddenly a back man thrust himself at me as he attempted to pull the nikab from my face. I almost fell over from the force, as I wobbled the man moved towards me a second time again and tried to hit me.

there was a number of witness that were shocked to view what had just taken place. many people had gathered. one of the witnesses quickly called on the sales assistants of which, whom had already been onlooking and asked him to get a stall for me to sit on as I was much shaken from the experience.

the sales assistant was told to call the police immediately as one of the customers followed the attacker. when the local community police did arrive and eventually followed the perpetrator, he said he lost sight of him.

we then went into the cctv room and asked to look at the video footage from the cameras. from viewing the footage from the video camera it could be seen that the black man with dreadlocks, wearing a tea shirt and jeans had taken his jacket off as he walked through the self service cashiers and put his jacket into a plastic bag inorder not to be spotted, also the cctv cameras had shown how he had been waiting for myself to walk past so he could attack and had ignored other customers, as they shoped

having taken details from the other witnesses and passed these onto the supermarket staff, I asked the staff to make copies of the footage and keep them for police investigation. Upon returning to the supermarket 2 weeks later, I checked with the security at the door to determine whether the investigation had started and he said that it had not and the police had not appeared to collect the recordings.

he said he would check if the recordings were still in storage and said he couldn't see them. so I described the whole situation and incident to him again with the exact times of the incident which I had noted at the time and asked him to make copies of the footage again,

this he said he did and also marked on the blackboard in the room in which the tapes had been stored,  and the tapes were placed on the shelf for the police to collect. I spoke to the police a number of times and asked if the tapes had been collected after I had reported the incident.

 I was told the recordings of the footage had still not been collected and almost a month had passed.

I then spoke to the manager of the store and he said his head of security would deal with this and that the police would be given the tapes when they came to collect them.

 I spoke to a man that calls himself papa, whom is the head of security at the store in relation to this incident and he denied all knowledge of the tapes and his incredibly rude attitude indicated he had many underlining issues.

Three months after the incident had passed I was then called by the police and asked if I wanted to look at mug shots inorder to identify the culprit, I really do not know what mickey mouse setup the police have going on here as it was specifically stated that the picture of the perpetrator be circulated at the time of the incident to stop him from continuing with such behaviour towards another sister wearing a nikab, he should have received 3 years imprisonment lust like any other person would be expected  to serve in such religious incited crime, but thanks to the negligence of the store, police and head of security there he did not.

you would think that the head of security was asian with a name like omar, but he is a black man and ofcourse omar is not his real name,  when he is not calling himself papa, which is also not his real name, but there is someone elsa  called omar, a boy which works who works near the door and when enquires are made in respect of security and head of security they are directed to the boy at door, whom ofcourse is an sain boy and the whole situation is undermined.

this incident took place over a year ago and not blogged about inorder not to increase racial hatred,but when is it ever a good time to speak about the truth.

when travelling on a bus in woodford I was also shouted at by a english white man which said he would pull the scarf off my head. I spoke to him and told him it was not of his concern and no right of his to speak to me in such a manner. it is inexcusable and intolerable the behaviour we are exposed to and these people need to be punished in much the same way as any other of such hate crime.

Is it surprising behaviour for a town which has more undercover police on the streets than local residents ?

If you have been subjected to racially incited hate crimes, make them known, report them
 and insist on justice.

If you are the victim of such racially incited crimes you must report them and insist on justice to stop this islamaphobia behaviour.

Monday, 9 February 2015

healthy nutritional drinks

healthy nutritional drinks

because we are all so busy....

1.coriander, baby spinach, and ginger and if preferred honey to taste

2. passion fruit, strawberries and honey,milk and, 1 tsp of almond powder

3. kiwi, coriander, ginger and baby spinach

4.bananas, 1 or 2 tsp of peanut butter and milk

5.blackberries, kiwi and coriander

6. cucumber, spinach and coriander and 1tsp of  malasses; date paste

7. grapes, kiwi and cucumber

8. freshly squeezed lemon juice of half a lemon with hot water

9. freshly squeezed juice of half a lime in hot water, delicious cold too in the summer

10. blue berries fresh cream and pineapple for a treat.

11. mangoes and milk blended together.

1tsp = 1 tea spoon
2tsp = 2 tea spoons

Saturday, 7 February 2015

preparing for valentines day - the week before

preparing for valentines day - the week before

eventhough everyday
should be valentines day

1. condition well your feet and hands with moisturiser and wear gloves and socks to bed so your feet       and hands can feel the full effect of the cream

2 .treat yourself to a facial and massage a week in advance

3. drink lemon juice added to water every morning first thing in the morning for a week

4. if you are looking for an extra glow then you may wish to start a week of fruit only before the day

5. try to get an early night the week before, every night.

6. drink lots of water

7. if you are buying flowers as a present for that someone special make sure you have ordered them          in advance and if you are expecting flowers on the day be sure to have a vase ready for them.

8. if you prefer to give chocolates on the day do not get caught up in the rush of customers on the day     and buy them in advance and the same can be said for gifts

9. if your cooking a special meal for your loved one then stick to recepies to have tried before and be     sure to have ingredients to hand before you begin

10. if you are making reservations for an evening out make sure these have been done in advance. and baby sitters have been organised.

11. and do not forget to book make-up artists and hairdressers for the day


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