Sunday, 22 February 2015



I would have to be so bored before I decided to sit down with my fruit drink and laptop and decided to put together this website, being one of those type of people that always leaves everything to the last minute and gets a b, and could have got an a if work had been planned. thats a grade a and a grade b.

as it poured down with rain outside, not much different from the many days that had come before, I finally decided to up load the pictures, having decided against using the beautiful model I had found.
as much as technology advances...

as I cuddled up to the heating system with my warm monsoon boots, I started work on the website, I felt as though I was writing the book I had always thought about writing but had decided against as the information may be used for the wrong purposes.

do not ever be put off or let people tell you that you cannot do or achieve something, do not ever expect compliments from people that are determined to see you fail, remember there is not only one way to do something, but many different ways, do not work at another's pace, and set your own deadlines.

trust your own instincts.

if you are finding it difficult to vision your successful future then look back over and remind yourself of your successes and previous accomplishments.

this must be a first for me as I have not left the work till the last minute but have stated days in advance.

if your not ready to follow your own dream then do not be afraid to help someone elsa with their dream.

I mean when is it ever a good idea to start  a new business, when the kids are young and there is a demand for the products that you yourselfs have found it difficult to get hold of, or when the kids have grown up and you have all the time in the world on your hands and you are nolonger in touch with the needs of the market place.

I accidently pressed publish instead of save in draft mode and so you see, it had to be so.


I wanted a business I could run from anywhere and one that would fit into my busy lifestyle as a mother.

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