Sunday, 8 March 2015

attitude amongst asian girls

we went to hagendas in leicester square, it was a while ago and its really nice to be in central london, it was a nice warm evening and there was almost just a few people outside so we did not have to wait long and were seated really quickly.

I love going to this place and service has always been really good and the staff are really pleasant. the menu changes so its kept interesting and there are special recipes for events.

we sat and ordered and as we ate the ice creams there was a crowd that gathered outside, as it did on occasion . its a very daunting, scary and overwhelming experience for people that are not used to, or have not been familiarised to this type of behaviour. it quickly became very apparent that a crowd had gathered and were starring and giving dirty looks, "thats what girls do, my brother remarked ", maybe upto the point that you are at uni, but surely after that, that attitude and behaviour needs to stop,  and it seems to be asian girls now, more so than any other. although it is everyone at some point or other. this needs to stop, there doesnt seem to be any other group of people that bitch amongst themselves and treat one another in this way. if you dont have something positive to say then do not say anything at all.

the problem with someone presenting herself as a muslim and giving an inaccurate impression of what a muslim is, creates hostility amongst others because then everyone gets judged as that deviant impression of that which has been shown to be a muslim. you cant help but feel protective over muslim brothers and sisters, especially when they are so young, whether they are brand building, linking instaragram to dead links to be filled in later or even letting the public into their homes. 

mimiking the kardasians. the kardishians are not muslims, because the kardashians would look much better without such nude exposure which isnt what we are about, they have been in bed with their brothers friends and the younger sisters have been catwalking topless and no, not anyone given the opportunity would do that as khloe stated on twitter. sweet girls you can learn from their conversations, but only if you can put it into perspective.
there are always people that think that they are the next beauty queen as there are many here and it shut everyone, which was great and put us on the map, not that we were not on the map before and I dont think the boys have ever had such positive sports role model and ofcourse pride is haram

if in 5 years time, if all your footage is edited and uploaded and your internet connections stopped and you pinned for something, then ? at least you cant say that noone ever warned you of the dangers.

any muslim would not appreciate constant perving from the mass general public, because thats what the mass general public do, if not to your face.

oh yeah and dont forget to save the data.

dont be a part of the game, dont play the game, be better than the game.

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