Monday, 2 March 2015

safety tips on how to survive being famous

1.if you are involved in a car chase, beep your horn and attract attention to yourself, especially if other cars are trying to run you off the road, try to get to your destination if it is close or stop and call the police and always try to quote reg numbers.

2. if you're car skids lock the steering wheel in the opposite direction which should stop the car from skidding further.

3. if you're post is going missing it will take longer to resolve this issue as sometimes its the staff and very rarely general public that has intervened, in some cases mail arrives open, not by accident and mail has been read, happens all the time, so be aware of whats expected.

4. dont be surprised if people look through you're garbage it has been known to happen, more than once

5. phones are always bugged by media and many times by government, especially if you have created a big culture of followers.

6. depending on the level of follows at the time, public transport and traffic will be directed and manipulated accordingly. if its an event you may be escorted by police or security and if you going to see someone which goes against what the western media wants you to do ,, then public transport will be controlled to cause a hindrance and it has even been known to have been stopped

7. free promotional products are always sent for promotional reasons to create publicity by the promoters

8. bad neighbourhoods are almost impossible to visit if you have previously had friends or family there, as you will be subjected to constant abuse ect

9. shopping expeditions must be the strangest, the running commentary starts from the minute you leave your home,  to she getting on the bus, to the train, she's in this store, now she is leaving this store to now she is going to this shop, mostly it is about just tracking movements, sometimes it may be about safety, the complete goldfish experience. so movements are always made to look random and unplanned, thats how you play them at their own game.

10. dont worry if someone opens the door when you have parked up at the traffic lights and peers in, says hi to x, because its just someone checking to see if you have any of his bitches in the car. keep doors locked when driving and at traffic lights.

11. funniest of saddest must be when you are doing some research or shopping for a blog, you are getting together information and you havent even been able to get the product home and spies are out and have  already written a blog and pinned it to a western celeb... in the mass media, controlled promoting.

12. put a blog title up , even in draft form because all your emails ect are being read anyway and the next day someone would have blogged about that title. this is a good way to gain information about a subject, like storage in the home which you were not really planning to blog about anyway.

13. networks always temperamental on what you are doing.

14. yep, they all have underlying motives.

15. internet speeds are always, always slowed down, especially when you are working in draft mode, just before you are about to upload, someone will upload something similar or the word weirdo which you created will be added to the dictionary as another's creation.

16. the third time we were involved in a car chase, was again with the kids, in the morning, on woodford high road this time, when I was living in woodford, on the way to school, it seems to be the time when the thugs know when you will leave your home. with cctv cameras everywhere, its surprising where the police is in all this.

17. it is possible and the technology has existed for a long time where a signal can be sent to the satellite and to the i.p address and all files and information copied from computer, so if in doubt write it down.

18. people will and always do take things out of your bag, so always get bags with zips, especially when travelling and lock them. houses or emergency meeting points, you never know when you might need one

20. when talking to the police, they said they could track any phone with two hours, maybe its quicker

21. one of the local hospitals put crap on medical records which was discovered unexpected and rectified

22. its a sad fact hat people will try to overcharge you all the time, you may decide to pick up a takeaway on you way home and you will be told its £500, thoughts that come to mind are why not charge a round £1000.

23. schools will over attemp to overcharge and try to dismiss the fact that you have been charged at all and reluctant to admit their own error and I dont know what it is about children's lunch boxes, everyone wants to steal the children's lunch boxes.

24. watch out for the behaviour of people around you, dont be surprised if you get arrested when attempting to pick up the children from school because bitches are everywhere.

25. then there is always the possibility of being arrested at friends homes, even if you have known the friends all of your life, but the friends may not always necessarily be totally to blame and involved,  they may have been fed a few tales, but arrests can also take place in this way

26. dont talk to yourself when out and about, because someone is always lip reading you on cctv camera.

27. always reach for those sun glasses even when shopping in the evening

28. watch out for the traffic wardens which will follows and chase you, especially if you are in a new environment

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