Monday, 9 March 2015

what can be done to help pakistan develop

I know it almost seems like an almost impossible situation, but what can really be done to help the country to improve.

for people that would like to help pakistan and not just perform activities which constitute part of a game, poverty needs to be erradicated. this doesnt just mean passing your hard earned money over to charities which are more preoccupied with filling their own pockets with cash and spending charitable money on errecting buildings in the name of the organisation whilst the poor still go hungry and homeless.

of those that I have known that regularly make contributions to charities, its a very different story surprisingly when someone is on the receiving end. for people in need its very difficult for people to exact these finances.

for that reason i urge you to not pass your money to charitable organisations and personally try to hand the money or see to it that the needy get the finances.

a person with the right tools can earn a living for life, rather than feeding that person for a day.

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