Friday, 31 July 2015

WE HOPE YOU ARE HAVING AS MUCH SUCCESS WITH Testicular Cancer as we are having with breast cancer.

WE HOPE YOU ARE HAVING AS MUCH SUCCESS WITH  testicular cancer as we are having with breast cancer.

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How to check for testicular cancer


self examination for breast cancer check for lumps in the breast after each menstruation cycle. If  you find a lump in your breast which is later diagnosed to be cancer and you do not have it treated, you will die as a result.

You did not see the biscuit I just ate, or the coffee I just drank or what I have planned for this evening, or why tethering was not available from a virtual network, which shouldnt be a problem If you are just tethering to one device and not using it as a hotspot, because you are actually using the same data. but what you should get into the habit of was checking for cancer and it could save your life if detected early.

I would hazard a guess that cancer statistics are highest in uk and usa. cancer statistics. because if the toxic air doesnt kill you then the stress levels which cause cancer probably, but not most definitely will.

Cold latte is yuc, if you want that extra buzz then go for double shot in your latte or an espresso, I used to have all the cream topped high, but now im down to a skinny, then a herbal  and fruit and fiber fruit-and-fibre because costa doesnt do fried eggs.

Get a zipped bag, just need to throw a few things in it, a bag that zips up for those wandering fingers,  and wandering eyes, especially for the underground.

Hot shower than maybe mission impossible ! Its showing everywhere.

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