Tuesday, 18 August 2015



Its the teddy bear cake, it was not the cake that was expected, but the theme was teddy bears.I got a cake which would appeal to all kids I said. It was also cake with stickers and at £1.84, because the box was broken, it was a bargain. I had bought it predominantly, as my purchasing decision was further confirmed because of the teddy bear stickers it came with, which I didnt use.

It had been frozen and then defrosted for the day and tasted great on the actual  day.

Kids that could talk were not impressed, this was not the right cake they said, that appealed to all the kids Of the kids that couldnt talk, didnt care which cake it was, and others were just glad there was cake ...

was this the one should it have been this cake.

Which just left more money to buy diamonds.

One of the main arguments was, of course that one of the teddies on the cake was wearing pink and that all the teddies on the cake should have been wearing blue. Be sure to get it right teddies next time and wear blue for a boy. 

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