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I dont know about you but I think many people would find it quite patronising to be shown clothes from a high street chain and then be told that look at me I dont shop there its just for me to show you these sponsored items but the money I am making from you buying and me endorsing these products is actually enabling me to shop the designer brands. Its surprisingly here that H & M have brought this piece that has taken my attention and it could easily be mistaken for a designer piece.

Bloggers that a at the starting stage of their careers tend to offer more realistic and truthful interpretations of what is available and  suitable and what would be more of a realistic purchase.


Kristen Stewart Just Debuted the World's Coolest Cat Eye

Kristen Stewart Just Debuted the World's Coolest Cat Eye
The actress took a "go big or go home" approach to her liner at the  premiere this week, showing off a bold, graphic eye that has us rethinking our go-to winged look.
Makeup artist Jillian Dempsey says she was inspired by vintage eyeliner queen Sedgewick, as well as Stewart's tousled hairstyle, —not to mention her sparkling, Zuhair Murad playsuit. And while our typical cat eye usually just involves a precise flicka da wrist, this required some colouring outside the lines. "I literally popped her in front of the mirror, standing up, and felt like a kid drawing a big line with a crayon," Dempsey tells us, noting that she used her own Jillian Dempsey Khol Eyeliner in Jet Black ($20). "It was a bit effortless yet dramatic." So, exactly what we need for a night out—plus it's party-proof, since a little bit of smudging is totally allowed.

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