Wednesday, 7 October 2015



I was using the interet cafes quite a lot at one point it just seemed more convenient, internet speeds seemed better and resources seemed more reafily available, such as photocopying  and fax machines.

Even latte machines at the ready.

Security was an obvious issue at a later stage but wasnt evident  as a problem to begin with. From people simply peering over the sholder to view what you were doing to the owners applying specific permissions to read search histories.

The convenience of these place is clearly unquestionable when internet speeds were a problem.

Its all a thing of the past now with the comfort and convenience  of the internet in the home office.

Its became almost as impossible to use your laptop on the go as it has become to #browse. Wuth many a person peeribg over your shoulder to see whats being written on the interactive magazine in the making before its even been published.

I also had some unpublished blogs which I am making use of now.

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