Thursday, 1 October 2015

BUZZ its so warm today

i thought you were an angel

YES its so warm today

i am getting things to clean up.

if buzzer doesnt work, you can knock just as hard

when it gets noisy outside, just offer to hang their dirty laundry out for them

how often do you dress up, I always get new outfit for kids for halloween, it doesnt have to be that way

do you really not know the full story ?

I was so sleepy

I wasnt playing

dressing up isnt winning,

I like beige carpet, had blue so kids didnt get it dirty and red

very interesting

I made a prayer wish for you

he knows we had all of these conversations

I saw everyone and I already knew everyone  from before

 chearup tell you all about it when we next meet

im on the boat with my blue top on, i just woke up and went up on deck

What are you doing there ?

I thought you would have been here by now !

I thought you would have been here by now

swimwear ?

only got to, with me !

were you outside when everyone screaming and shouting.

I dont like to think of these last few years as wasted time, but a learning curve, but I have seen racism, greed and jealousy that I had never seen before.

I would never give up my world for yours, been there done that seen it all before.

we could have been good friends, but was it your ego or ...


players following me around, with silly cars today. Some of the biggest cars seen.
what they want !

Is it funny appts always at same time.

 I was right all along.

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