Saturday, 7 February 2015

preparing for valentines day - the week before

preparing for valentines day - the week before

eventhough everyday
should be valentines day

1. condition well your feet and hands with moisturiser and wear gloves and socks to bed so your feet       and hands can feel the full effect of the cream

2 .treat yourself to a facial and massage a week in advance

3. drink lemon juice added to water every morning first thing in the morning for a week

4. if you are looking for an extra glow then you may wish to start a week of fruit only before the day

5. try to get an early night the week before, every night.

6. drink lots of water

7. if you are buying flowers as a present for that someone special make sure you have ordered them          in advance and if you are expecting flowers on the day be sure to have a vase ready for them.

8. if you prefer to give chocolates on the day do not get caught up in the rush of customers on the day     and buy them in advance and the same can be said for gifts

9. if your cooking a special meal for your loved one then stick to recepies to have tried before and be     sure to have ingredients to hand before you begin

10. if you are making reservations for an evening out make sure these have been done in advance. and baby sitters have been organised.

11. and do not forget to book make-up artists and hairdressers for the day


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