Wednesday, 18 February 2015


whichever way you disguise it obama your excuses to steal the oil cannot go unrecognised any longer and the residents of america do not wish to live in poverty any more inorder to fuel a war.

When it is people like obama that do have understanding of religion how can such a person claim to be stopping the very people that deviate from religion.

it is true there have been many problems related to the economy of the country and the rights of eastern countries residents not being honoured, so why is this any reason for obama to take it upon himself to attack these countries.

Its about time america stopped stealing the oil.

problems as in most countries is associated with the economy of the country, poverty and residents having being denied their rights, so that does not give reason for obama to attack these countries when they are vulnerable.

I would be interested to know why obama's main concern is not in regards to the increased poverty which has been created in america and how much more poverty obama expects its residents to continue to live with and for how much longer obama expects the poverty to deteriorate.

If there is a problem within an islamic country then muslims are more than capable of resolving their own problems without the intervention of obama.

I would suggest that obama concentrate on getting the medical system which was meant to be a similar system to that of the nhs available in the uk, functional and combating poverty and the gang culture which exists in america.


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