Tuesday, 10 March 2015



If it wasnt for my brother getting me out of the domestic violent relationship, called a marriage, I wouldnt be alive today.

how many woman die every year from domestic violence

the point I wanted to make was a women when mentally abused doesnt know what has taken place systematically over a period of time, and even if everyone is telling her she finds it difficult to believe she is being mentally abused, with the usuall expectation that things will get better and if there is a good lifestlye then people are reluctant to be sympathetic.

domestic violence isnt just about the scars on the body its the mental abuse that noone sees.

I was at work one day and my friend told me about her dad's sister and how she had begged her dad to take her out of her marriage, but it had been too late and she had died.

we were in the locker room and I didnt know what to say !

we woud go the gym at lunch time and try to keep fit and eat healthy and everything elsa the corporate lifestyle involves but the reality of life is hard to escape.

from the family attempting to poison me to having been left alone in the car park after attending a wedding wearing lots of gold jewellery, I decided to focus on the problems of palestine and all everyone cares about is how much money they have.

it was the usual story, maybe there had been some compassion at the beginning of the relationship but that seems hard to believe, he was always poor and I mostly paid for everything, once married there was no end to the greed and jealousy of the family, so naturally most people bury themselves in work to gain, some sanity, he then wanted to start his own business and eventually when he had made sure he had used all my money on the premise of starting this business he walked out of the house..

it wasnt until I went to the hairdresser and as she spoke about her own sister and said there is always another women, that the truth hit home, 

so after an almost 7 year affair within the marriage of 10 years, after having made sure he was a good person for 7 years previous to the marriage, when he casually attempted to pull her out of a hat, with the comments, I just met someone, there isnt really anything elsa to say except, oh I see !  
I had made a studio for him in the home and he would often bring back women, lock the door, so there was never the need for motel or hotel, having been pushed together in a relationship with priya, and constantly been watched by mostly the seikh people in the town whom were trying to keep these two together, so they can keep finances and promote a culture of haram, gigs, ect. then there is the drugs, the constant use of alchol and constant load music in the house. but the good times outweigh the bad times, except if there is no good times. I did suggest ending the marriage at times, he was desperate to stay together until the day my bank account was empty which I stopped refilling and realised it was time for him to go.

then ofcourse, many a vulture gathers...

but the abuse didnt stop there, he would call me say he was watching me from the window, ask the children what I was wearing, where I had been that day.

swearing at me one day nonstop in texts, I called the police and they told me to come into the station the next day and he would be prosecuted, the last thing anyone wants is the father of their children to be arrested and to be put in prison, but it would have been better, but its not a solution.

when I stopped answering his phone calls he told the children, I wouldnt let them speak to him.

acakessboxcompany.com make a website to tell women their money is their own, for girls which grow into women. boys copy the behaviour of the abusive dad which is only copied behaviour, but learn such abusive behaviour to be normal.

I dont know whats more frightining when girls know everything about your life, or where exactly in your home they have been when you were not around. I would watch through the window as he brought her into the house when he thought I was asleep and wonder what kind of a person does something like this, there is so much dirt on everyone they would have to be really stupid.

and kids can do whatever they want,  they arent sure what is so wrong with that. I hope my children are older and able to understand more now, because the only reason I didnt say anything before, except to make authorities aware was to protect the children.

I sometimes get asked, if I am going back, everyone elsa sat in he back of the car, except for ilford and yawn ...and... and...tweddling thumbs.

I hope that, this has cleared up most people's questions and really hope people would stop giving advise in the street about something of which they have no knowledge.

my life has never been better, so I am happy I live in this small luxury apartment in central london, close to my family.


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