Thursday, 18 February 2016



Our very dear friend who will always be deeply missed.

Isha was her muslim name, her english name had been clare and I dont know what her chinese name was.

She had a kidney problem and would sit and compare and compare her blood results with him, its on cold days like this we really miss our friends.

You cant just make another friend and replace one you have known for years.

My best friend ? more like sisters.
They were both on dialysis. My friend had opted for the dialysis bag which was attached to her and needed to be changed regularly  and my dad had chosen to use the dialysis  machinre machine and would go to the hospital every other day, they would often ask about one another's health and so sovwhen isha would visit, I told her to speak to my dad directly and they would compare their health and blood results and advise oneanother accordingly.

It was her passion for health and health products that meant we visited lots of health fairs and she is also distributer for forever living products.

Isha had researched islam, not just read the translation and found this wonderful place emotionally.

In memory of my wonderful friend, we think we are all friends by co-incidence, mostly sisters.

It was someone she had met at uni to who  she was married, a wonderful brother, whom sat mostly with learned muslims she would tell us.

Clare had kidney problems for as long as I have known her, for over 20 years, my dad would often ask me what time I would be home, becauseI had so many friends and didnt know who I may ho yo visit, it was unsaid sort of understanding that there wasnt mixed socialising. She talked of her husband and how he had mentioned to her what was he meant to do know she had become more ill with her kidney problem. He stayed with her till the day she died and gave her a wonderful funeral.

Its when our good friends have gone we can reflect on what was said. One day i was cooking and she was reading with kids, , the next time she came to visit she had bought some books for them, they were really young at the time and she said she had the books would help to improve on their reading skills and were specially designed for certain areas of reading...

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