Friday, 5 February 2016



One of the most appreciated and well recognised designers to enter the asian fashion industry. I did have the pleasure of speaking to them at the fashion show. Its time and time again we are faced with the issues of customer care.
Its now the industry we always wanted it to be.

Having worked for many of the major fashion houses myself, whilst a student, whilst an undergraduate  student of computers, I find it very easy to establish a recognition  and appreciation for an inspiring new talent to join the industry, which is ofcourse once pardoned self acclaimed  high society has reaffirmed its high society. Which ofcourse needs no reaffirmation. Once you When I first mentioned I had worked for the houses, rather than doing the morning paper round, so quick are people to label and spread rumours that one has worked in people's  homes when we all know it to mean the fashion houses in the the industry. 
Ignourance to their own detriment. 

Its showcasing of its new collection which was not presented on the dumies, clearly made a huge impact on the catwalk.

For those that cannot wait to see the rest of the designers work do look on the instragram pages and visit their show rooms in bimingham, where I am sure they will be pleased to assist. Hopefully the compliment for success can be repaid.

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