Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Be very careful whom you let into your homes, unfortunately I dont know anyone whom has employed european migrants as cleaners and home help, gardeners, even registered childcare and not found their homes burgled.

So a message, for the wise, be very careful whom you let into your homes.

When I was studying for my masters degree the registered child minders husband was caught pulling up with a van to load all my belongings.

I did report it to the child minder company,  but ofcourse was shocked at the behavious of european immigrants and if the cleaners are not stealing belongings from the home, then you will most definitely find the european immigrant in bed with your husband.

Its mostly if not all from personal experience  and those that have employed such people, being robbed has been such an occurance that its noonger even considred something out of the norm.

Its only natural that as your life develops and you move homes, into bigger homes you will want domestic help, but this is the reality of whats going on. Its prettymuch the same in good and bad neighbourhoods. Recent european immigrant men are haressing the  non immigrant women and the immigrant women are having affairs with the non immigrant married men.

Its most likely he will sleep with the opare and or cleaner, eventhough there is never an excuse, don't put temptation in his way. I did not have any real problems with the next cleaner , but if there is no man around in the house at that time, it presents lot less problems.

If moving in with the cleaner is the best option presented, you will no doubt seem to be saving on cleaning costs on appearance but it will cost you more in the long run and remember you will always pay the price for feeding the children haram sausages.

Its clearly not a new problem, but its never been seen in such large numbers before.


Someone had to tell the truth.

NO JOKES next article sportify

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