Thursday, 17 March 2016


I been working all day researching for this article.

Fashion blurb

Polish cleaner about 5.9 ft came looking for cleaning work, knocking on the front door, as I was always at home when she was cleaning I didnt think it would be a problem. I wonder if these people specifically target others, the other cleaner was always near the phone, ...

The cleaner is still around my kids and feeding them sausages,  she may now call herself the live-in cleaner, obviously she doesnt know how to cook anything elsa or would even bother to learn, barbra on the other hand was someone I knew from uni days. What makes one woman with kids do that to another mother I will never understand. If there had been any doubt in my mind as to what had happened, I heard the whole conversation as she spoke on the phone. Cleaners are working in teams of about 100 people, so do be careful.

I was asked when shopping why all the men of women who cover are in the betting shops, surely its not all of them, I said what a few people pretending to be muslims and giving the rest a bad name.

The social worker was meant to come round for a home inspection, called the day before and asked if I wouldnt mind if the appointment was rearranged due to an emergency  which had arrisen, ofcourse I disnt mind if she had to attend to a child. She had left her phone on and was actually out to eat with all colleagues.

It was more important to get the information out so its not been associated with profits and provides much more unbiased reviews. Ofcourse once cancelled the home inspection never took place as was not included in the report as was much elsa omitted and added, to preference of social workers, the whole system riddled with corruption.

Working on the last article of the blog, wasnt sure what you concentrate on in particular the cloths blub at the top shows current high street fashion.

 If you are not on a big budget then im putting together a skincare plan which you can follow, as the world is full of different people.


How to make it a regular part of your daily routine on a budget. Dont get rinsed by media and fake publicity which doesnt work.

Orange lips is not my style, but it definately works for some people. Quite the business as usual.

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