Friday, 4 March 2016


                                            SOME LAST MINUTE GIFTS

Its mothers day tomorrow and you may feel you spoil your mum all year round and do not wish to fall victim to commercialism and do not want to spend and buy presents to conform  to current marketing. Clearly that is your perogative and you should  do what you want to do.

If you are still buying last minute presents wheather its for mothers day or if its for any other occassion do checkout my shortlist of presents.

But dont worry if you still havent bought anything for your mother, you can keep you mum smelling fabulous with these new fragrances.

Shopping online still remains  popular option, its not only convenient  but saves time and wasted energy too.

If you are still planning that last minute shopping trip, although the shopping is all done, dont panic.

Pack on the mud mask, keep some for your mum and dont rely on last minute booking for spas  and restaurants, as most places will have been prebooked.

Weekly beauty regimes help to keep the skin looking clear and healthy and dont forget to drink lots of waterand invest in a juicer, known to turn your health around.

If you are after the purse friendly option then its definately diamonds from next or something from sunna.

Something for every budget.

If its fun and friendly watches you are after for you mum or for other presents then new designs are sure to lmpress anyone at friendly prices too.

Priced at around £120,000 you dont have to raid the piggy bank just yet.

With most mums, time is of the essence and our mums have not really had the time to indulge in long beauty regimes or shelves of beauty products, but lets face it they are beautiful enough as it is and didnt need any of that stuff.

If its technological  breakthroughs you are looking for then this glove which can be used to answer phone calls from selfridges is must.

Presents for kids if you are an avid reader like me and want to encourage kids to read too. I found these books especially interesting. For mums that may find it difficult to explain the changing body of a boy to man and a book explaining computers and coding, topic close to my own heart.

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