Friday, 29 April 2016

Precautionary measures.

Its of no surprise to see muggins increse in numbers in this neighbourhood,  dont wear your jewellery out.

Try to have your husband around for shopping and other outdoor activities especially if you wear nikab, especially as a sister has had her face slashed with a razor, by 2 black men and 2 white men, a few days ago and anyone that associates with these people is just as vulgar.

People are attempting to mark the faces of girls that cover, it should by no means deter you from covering, but be careful and protect yourselves when out, try to conduct most outdoor activities in groups or with your husband.

Its of no surprise which people and web sites are promoting this hatred and jealousy, keep pepper sprays and rape alarms on you all times.

What does the local mp have to say about this, because she has a lot to say about everything else.

These people are much worse then animals dont try to reason with them or educate with them.

Dont rely on anyone elsa to call the police if there is an incident, which involves yourself or anyone elsa. Call the police yourself, even bus drivers cannot be trusted to call the police.

The girl who has been attacked is still in hospital, make your dua's for her.

Friday, 22 April 2016



It doesnt matter when you decide to make that  trip, but its great whenever you decide to go to florida.

When I booked this once in lifetime holiday, I realised it had to be one which was planned in advance.

I completely underestimated how fun this holiday would be and still remembered by the kids years later.

Its best to visit when thd children are young and can enjoy the amusement parks at their most. The accomadation in park site is expensive but there is excellent elf catering and five star accommodation close by.

If you want to take advantage of everything hst is on ogfer on site you will be paying prime prices for enjoying vlose access to on site spas and restaurants.

It was actually the second time for me when I returned with kids and have to admit that was best.

I have to admit the best part for me was the carnival, especially the carnival which takes place in the evening it is the most spectacular carnival you will ever see.

Its a completely overwhelming experience.

every so often the parks change the attractions and settings of particular parts of the park, to keepup with new films that have been released. Once you have been there a few times you will know the parks like the back of your hand.

Thursday, 21 April 2016




I know all about you and what you are thinking. I just dont know whats more important sometimes. 

- being economical and storing invaluable items for later  or
    - buying wardrobes and cupboards for more storage.

I am filled with ideas and inspiration but just dont know how I am going to store everything,

So ladies, here it is how to spring clean that closet.

Read below my top 10 tips on how to spring clean your closet.

Dont throw away those beautiful air looms (I am not talking about your high street purchases here) because someone elsa in your family will definately appreciate them, see if you can pack them air tight.

Sort out the clothes into sizes so all the same sized clothes are together. This way if your size changes due to weight gain, illness or pregnancy, you will have relevant sized clothes close to hand.

Put all your tops, troussers and dressses together, unless they are part of suits, in which case place all suits togrther. So you can access everything easily and know exactly where everything is.

Sort out the clothes seasonally so jumpers and wollens are kept together as are summer and spring clothes.

If you do come across anything you absolutely dont want then put it in a bag marked charity and dtop it off next time you are out.

Its hard work shopping, can be leisurely, but not when you are rushed for time. If you buy wisely your purchases will last a long time, be economical and can be used for a very long time.

Seal clothes in plastic bags to protect from water and damp damage.

Wrap clothes in cotton to absorb any excess moisture.

Underbed storage is great, as is draws which have been designed into the side of the bed to add aditional storage.

You can  always utilise the loft space for extra storage, but remember to pack everything securely and waterproof.

So there you have it, my 10 tips on how to spring clean your closet.


1. Focus on  improving yourself and not the detriment of others.
2. Dont be jelous of other people, but be grateful for what you yourself have.
3. Judge people for yourself and dont follow hearsay.

more to come



1. You are not allowed even at the doorstep of a club.

2. You can pray anywhere even whilst travelling in your own mind, without actions.

3. You cannot break fast with a bottle of wine or can of larger as some people do.

4. If shaparoned its ok to meet your prospective husband for the first time.

5. Ultimately everyone answears for own sins.

6. Mostly the only time a non muslim person mentions islam is to ridicule and humiliate, especially in a postcode like this. So think twice whom you let into your homes.

7. I dont think its haram to actually pay interest on money borrowed, but it is haram to take interest on money loaned, but dont quote me on that.


1. Chin up.

2. Ridiculing or laughing at other people is insensitive and only means that, that person will be reluctant to help you again.

3. I would never hurt or try to breakup a marriage but others obviously dont share my thoughts.

4. Food is for eating and not just for taking pictures, I have never  just tsken pictures and not eaten the food, especially when there is so many people starving around the world.

5. Samosas are delicious, fried and high in calories and if you            dont like them, dont eat them.



Its getting warmer again and Its not because I left the heating on all night, the air is warmer too, so lets so lets spring forward with spring for real.

With so many shoes on the market I have something particularly spevial in store for you. I totally fell for these.

More to come soon.

awaiting pics



Nothing is quite glamorous or sophisticated as an outfit in lace. Its not really a new emerging trend its fabric thats been around for a while and still as elegant. With the right amount of lining and fitting its style perfect.

We want to look chic and elegant, ultimately without revealing. Its trend which can be worn by everyone from young and more mature ages alike.

Super stylish and sophisticated, the younger fashion aware may want to style in more current fashion designs and cuts whereas the more mature ladies may want to stick with classic, stylish designs.

Just look how wonderful it is when its uniquely suited to you, match with heels and purse.

You dont need to feel you have missed on a flash in the trend section, when its uniqueness and personal style that you are after. You can thank me later, but I am just happy I made you smile.

Markets are swamped with it at the moment.

awaiting pictures

Wednesday, 20 April 2016




With the wedding season usually preferential to summer gears closer, dont feel restricted to have your wedding this season. On the other hand if you are a guest invited to a wedding you will undoubtedly want to look your best., without overshadowing the bride of course.

Many close relatives like to take advantage of wearing their own wedding dress on the wedding of close relatives but yhis is often not gestures which are appreciated so try to avoid and if you really want to wear your wedding outfit then do run it by thr bride assuring that it will not upset her on the day.

With the boutiques stacked with the latest designs, and so much to choose from you will be spoilt for choice.

Its often the case that you will be either close friends or relative of the bride or groom and therefore will feel comfortable in your elegance.

awaiting pictures

You may choose to wear something classical yet elegant, try to avoid wearing anything too revealing which isnt really a problem that has been experienced from wedding guests at wedding events in the past.

Its a real reason to wear your elaborate suits and an opportunity not to be missed.

If you do decide to purchase an outfit for the occassion then dont leave it to the last minute and keep fittings realistic without fear of the outfit being too tight on the day.

Rentals never are or have been an option or part of the equation.

Handbags often tend be gold or silver, with both of them being somewhat of valuable purchase in clasdical designs, but its great to team with bags more adventurous which may also be matched to the shoes.

Silver and gold shoes, elegant classics that can be worn with most outfits over and over again.
Without doubt if seating is male and female segregated  then show your upmost respect.



 mexican cuisine in london. 25 swallow st, london, , 1B 4QR. We have ventured out a few of us mothers, snd some of us not, bumped into a few people, its not what im used to but some have initiated conversation. and I have packaged together albums and.

So we sent them to be reviwed. Correspondence came back it wasnt their cup of tea, which is what i'd been saying for years it wasnt my cup of tea either. And quite frankly I dont think its anyone's cup of tea. YEAH YOU WERE MENTIONED.

When we go out we are looking for places that havent been discovered yet, not overly comercial places. This place was ofcourse recomnended to me by my sister, which was quite popular at the time and was mostly fully booked and you couldnt get a table without a booking.

The mentioned was obvioulsy not mentioned again, until ofcourse was mentioned.

Everyone is either a producer, writer or rapper, singer, some bum wih a label, there for priceless cuisine. But nobody behaved the way you did, ... flowers and chocolates. ..

With wives doing most if the work and costa moved us all into the mainstream I more ways than one, for someone that didnt really anything would come of this,

sure did waste a lot if people's time.

Tea was at adib's and its unlikely for most that women  convert or appreciate what the morals really stand for, he initially tried, just like my brother, but it was just propery investment. with no regard for kids.

You only need to listen to the lyrics of the song to know what its about and why contracts are done online.

advert for heathrow employment awaited

Insecurities were not my own but those shared by others.


                                 YOUNG MOTHERS

If you are a young mother with young children at the moment, dont worry about less important issues. Put your children and their care first, which is of prime importance.

Enjoy the wonderful time you are blessed to share with your child as when the children have grown up its difficult to have that time with your child again and it really is the best time of your life.

Dont worry about your body image if you have gained some weight and try to eat as healthy as possible.

Its sad as london is known as one of the rudest cities there is and people have little consideration for oneanother,  especially  mothers of young children.

I have found asda quite useful and convenient with fashion styles that are quite current but mostly convenient to pick up with groceries.

It saves you time and hassle. Get a home keep fit video and try to eat healthy especially if you are breast feeding.

It made me dizzy I almost fainted when I saw a group of young girls with tiny babies, they were barely old enough to look after themselves, think about your foundation before you bring another life into this world.

You may feel the supermarket is your only day out for a few years, I know it was for me, but things will change as the children get older.

Opt for comfy clothing, I know I did witb clothing that washes easily in the washing machine. I sometimes find it difficulg to leave the comfort  of these easy  wear , easy  wash clothes eventhough kids are older and its less likely they will drop food on me or have a dirty nappie that would soil my clothes.

I am sure the rest of you will remember, as muslims we dont talk to strange men, which in london nobody does really.

Its possible to join mothers groups and children activity groups which you can look into,

If you have previously been the member of a gym then I cant think of anything mòre wonderful then putting your child in the gym creche, with the wonderful girls that worked there, while you continue with your exercise routine.

Whats happening

Pictures of you with social workers, you didnt sit here giving out information to everyone for free trying to help people didnt say anything numerous times, didnt see didley sqwat, theres nothing for sale.

When people are living on the breadline its easy for them to think that media and false matketing has the answear to their problems, when in fact good standard of living comes from good morals and values.

Even mela served no purpose as your sulking seems to preceed all elsa and rest of hinderance is caused by all others.

When attempting to help others think of your own safety first above all elsa as there are many destructive people without reason, but good peole too, in good most unlikely and surprising of places.

corruption of course which this guy brought was ofcourse no surprise to many in a world where people dont help one another unless its to upstage another and initial kindness is unrecognised. They follow you around and copy good deeds and then pass them off as their own as their performance, eves dropping conversations.

Offices remain, but nothing for sale.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016







Bright colours and experimenting with fashion's latest trends is fun and not something everyone is able to do.

Colours are fun and creative and clothes can be put together in a number of ingenious ways.

I dont think its possible for anyone to be silly enough to try and buy into every fashion trend, for every season. But fashion trends can be appealing to each individual as personal preference. Your once lust-worthy piece will be tresured forever.

I have always known the classical trends, which ofcourse they arent trends then but classical pieces which have always been worth investing in if they are not already part of your staple wardrobe. You yourself are incharge of the fashion that dresses you and there is no fashion gods.

Its always tempting to spend on fashion items which are of the moment trends which everyone seems to be wearing, but try to spend little on such items choosing these to be more high st pieces rather than designer pieces.

It being said, classics are most time wearing but may appear a bit boring at times. Stick to the blacks and white and dull colours for the office and work, conservative wears and have fun with colours on the weekends.

Im all about FOREVER worth the investment and hard work, and the best is yet to come with the future of the clothing industry.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

What to wear in the living room

Its past 9 pm and i'm writting my next blog, tee-shirts and leggings when nobody is looking to lounge.

Its weather warmingup.

Pictures coming soon.

Friday, 15 April 2016


With the weather having warmed up nicely whats coming up in the future. If you thought you were out of town and were back sooner then you thought you have this lovely weather to look forward to, when there may aswell be lights flashing outside now, you never know who is here until the next day. Its been months now and its really nothing to do with anyone elsa.

It may not have been what you expected but with time and perserverance you goals will be accumplished.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016



Its a season and not a charactef out of a film.
People cant seem to relate to anything unless its a character out of a film.Caused by inability to think out of thr box.

Wear with leggins, flares or trousers.


Where the look

Remember to remove the tags


Coming soon

Sunday, 10 April 2016

SWATCH & sketches

Swatch & sketches

Swatch is small piece of material used as sample for matching and choosing colours, fabrics etc.

coming soon


coming soon.

Winter & autumn collection

Winter & autumn collection.

I am putting together this collection for friends which will be ready very soon.

coming soon.



dont run away when in LA

coming soon.



Staying motivated has been easy and productivity just flowsceffortlessly. I dont blog or write articles full time, its just something I chose to do for pleasure and to help the locals, which its evident to see in how they have benefit by just looking around at the local community.

I have chosen not to spend all my time with my on-line work as life is made of many responsibilities and we must use our time wisely.

Write the to-do list or use the app which will be up on the website soon.

Use your workspace as is most comfortable to you as your organised mess may seem clutter to someone elsa and its what works best for you that matters.

Removing yourself from social media will seem like the best thing you ever did, as social media can seem most inappropriate for many, discussed further soon.

Multitasking is a skill which develops over many years, enabling you to hear whats going on outside, watching the tv and readibg the paper at the same, whikst cooking and listening out for what the kids are doing.

When work in pleasure and is so fun who has time to sleep. You may have developed the technique from the days you were breast feeding, when your time was demanded without warning and with the combination of having skill sets which allow you to combine what you love doing with work with the added assets of the invaluable experience of life, life is a picnic.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016



With such a variety of diets on the market, its not always easy to decide on which diet plan to follow.

In varieties diets follow ...

In draft, you played against everyone,  guided  tour of sainsbury is always just bad timing.

Unrivalled jelousy between super markets is always challenging, especially once intelligent convesation is nolonger feasable with blonde hair.

Monday, 4 April 2016


In this ever changing world we must constantly be reviewing, updating changing and reviewing.

Nobody, that knows better, puts all their friends onto jewish owned social media.

Ignourant comments by others is just reflection of their own ignorance, most high profile people are not on social media.


I can see businesses have flourished due to my purchases...

One minute its your baby the next minute its not, who can trust.

I know your spies are wondering but me and my husband havent slept on this yet as I havent even got it out of the packet yet. Purchased a few weeks ago, as all purchases are the talk of the town. One could be shopping at asda and someone will ask what are you wearing, you may answer, "ma da chaple" and the next thing you know theres a new brand of shoes called "ma da chaple" which are selling like hot cakes.

The mind boggles at the amount of garbage that comes out at this place, do they really not know that I haven't been feeling well and that I am doing them a favour.

Sunday, 3 April 2016


What to wear to the prom.

With exam soon approaching you may one of the many busy revisising and preparing for the end if year exams, but once all that is done you will look forward to weather its year 6 ball or the ball at the end if uni.

You may wish to go so something classy and velvety like the long dress I chose to wear few years ago.

If you are not a regular party goer then you may decide to make an exception on this occasion as the last event of your school or uni years.

You will not to feel the desire to dress in anything which you may feel is inappropriate, as traditional embroidered, classical dresses and even smart trouser suits will be acceptable.


SUNNA Its that time of the year again , fasting has come to an end & eid celebrations comenced. I wonder who enjoyed the celebrat...