Wednesday, 20 April 2016



 mexican cuisine in london. 25 swallow st, london, , 1B 4QR. We have ventured out a few of us mothers, snd some of us not, bumped into a few people, its not what im used to but some have initiated conversation. and I have packaged together albums and.

So we sent them to be reviwed. Correspondence came back it wasnt their cup of tea, which is what i'd been saying for years it wasnt my cup of tea either. And quite frankly I dont think its anyone's cup of tea. YEAH YOU WERE MENTIONED.

When we go out we are looking for places that havent been discovered yet, not overly comercial places. This place was ofcourse recomnended to me by my sister, which was quite popular at the time and was mostly fully booked and you couldnt get a table without a booking.

The mentioned was obvioulsy not mentioned again, until ofcourse was mentioned.

Everyone is either a producer, writer or rapper, singer, some bum wih a label, there for priceless cuisine. But nobody behaved the way you did, ... flowers and chocolates. ..

With wives doing most if the work and costa moved us all into the mainstream I more ways than one, for someone that didnt really anything would come of this,

sure did waste a lot if people's time.

Tea was at adib's and its unlikely for most that women  convert or appreciate what the morals really stand for, he initially tried, just like my brother, but it was just propery investment. with no regard for kids.

You only need to listen to the lyrics of the song to know what its about and why contracts are done online.

advert for heathrow employment awaited

Insecurities were not my own but those shared by others.

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