Friday, 22 April 2016



It doesnt matter when you decide to make that  trip, but its great whenever you decide to go to florida.

When I booked this once in lifetime holiday, I realised it had to be one which was planned in advance.

I completely underestimated how fun this holiday would be and still remembered by the kids years later.

Its best to visit when thd children are young and can enjoy the amusement parks at their most. The accomadation in park site is expensive but there is excellent elf catering and five star accommodation close by.

If you want to take advantage of everything hst is on ogfer on site you will be paying prime prices for enjoying vlose access to on site spas and restaurants.

It was actually the second time for me when I returned with kids and have to admit that was best.

I have to admit the best part for me was the carnival, especially the carnival which takes place in the evening it is the most spectacular carnival you will ever see.

Its a completely overwhelming experience.

every so often the parks change the attractions and settings of particular parts of the park, to keepup with new films that have been released. Once you have been there a few times you will know the parks like the back of your hand.

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