Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Whats happening

Pictures of you with social workers, you didnt sit here giving out information to everyone for free trying to help people didnt say anything numerous times, didnt see didley sqwat, theres nothing for sale.

When people are living on the breadline its easy for them to think that media and false matketing has the answear to their problems, when in fact good standard of living comes from good morals and values.

Even mela served no purpose as your sulking seems to preceed all elsa and rest of hinderance is caused by all others.

When attempting to help others think of your own safety first above all elsa as there are many destructive people without reason, but good peole too, in good most unlikely and surprising of places.

corruption of course which this guy brought was ofcourse no surprise to many in a world where people dont help one another unless its to upstage another and initial kindness is unrecognised. They follow you around and copy good deeds and then pass them off as their own as their performance, eves dropping conversations.

Offices remain, but nothing for sale.

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