Wednesday, 20 April 2016


                                 YOUNG MOTHERS

If you are a young mother with young children at the moment, dont worry about less important issues. Put your children and their care first, which is of prime importance.

Enjoy the wonderful time you are blessed to share with your child as when the children have grown up its difficult to have that time with your child again and it really is the best time of your life.

Dont worry about your body image if you have gained some weight and try to eat as healthy as possible.

Its sad as london is known as one of the rudest cities there is and people have little consideration for oneanother,  especially  mothers of young children.

I have found asda quite useful and convenient with fashion styles that are quite current but mostly convenient to pick up with groceries.

It saves you time and hassle. Get a home keep fit video and try to eat healthy especially if you are breast feeding.

It made me dizzy I almost fainted when I saw a group of young girls with tiny babies, they were barely old enough to look after themselves, think about your foundation before you bring another life into this world.

You may feel the supermarket is your only day out for a few years, I know it was for me, but things will change as the children get older.

Opt for comfy clothing, I know I did witb clothing that washes easily in the washing machine. I sometimes find it difficulg to leave the comfort  of these easy  wear , easy  wash clothes eventhough kids are older and its less likely they will drop food on me or have a dirty nappie that would soil my clothes.

I am sure the rest of you will remember, as muslims we dont talk to strange men, which in london nobody does really.

Its possible to join mothers groups and children activity groups which you can look into,

If you have previously been the member of a gym then I cant think of anything mòre wonderful then putting your child in the gym creche, with the wonderful girls that worked there, while you continue with your exercise routine.

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