Saturday, 14 May 2016


Collection is coming soon.

It was after a long hot bath and a long day of photo shoots that I ginaly managed to settle down with a hot drink as the boutique web page uploaded.

Each and every design had been chosen by myself with fabric which I have also hand picked.

There is always lots more to do and promoting new beautiful collections never seems to tire, but its only more and more fun from here on.

Its only the first set from the collection to be viewed on the website and with fashion spies about everywhere its an achievement in itself these days to bring originality to ones online fashion boutique.

Outfits will look even more amazing when modeled and I have had nothing but positive responses so far. The modeling on exotic locations shouldn't be far behind, but dont hold your breath. 

These are my own designs anc choices and not some links to restyle me websites, promoting someond elsa's products., and its required much more work.

There are those that never have a good word to say about anything but dont worrh about those.

One of my key aims was comfort and durable wearability and I think I have achievec that without breaking the bank. There is lots more outfits to look forward to but for now enjoy the ones I

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