Monday, 23 May 2016


Be sure not to comit to anything you are not entirely happy with.

I have been designing for as long as I can remember ever since I was young girl I have been sketching and having my garments made yo my specific needs and requirements.

Its for lack of being able to find garments I want in beautiful fabrics without being too revealing.

With garments such as these you will not want to put in the wash, maybe have them drycleaned, but neverput in thd tumble dryer, even though the tumble dryer will prove to be lifesaver for those everyday casual clothes and school uniforms.

It can be very expensive to run a tumble dryer so its not for everyone. If the school uniform still hasnt dried with the continuous rain you will be relieved you invested in that tumble dryer.

If you still havent found the outfit you are looking for dont be afraid to look futher afield.

Dont think twice about looking over outfits thats you have from before as you will find fashion is continuously repeated in cheap fabrics if bought on the high st, with the more intricate designs omitted and luxury tailoring, with lined outfits and attension to detail mostly being omitted.

Proportions of a person don't usually change which are specific to the individual which generalised sizes cannot cater for, so do opt for personal tailoring for those expensive, luxury fabrics.

Its not just a another lineup in a sequence of outfits which this has become due to various reason.

I wish I could show you my silk outfit with sequenced flowers or the yellow outfit with black lace I wore on the pony, and how these fashions come back into style again and again, but alas.

With the akari looming so close, it would be silly to pursue a haram relationship and sillier further to pursue haram income, but if anyone could be run over by a bus being more realistic with the behaviour of the bus drivers these days and hence akari could be sooner than you know is it really wise to pursue haram.
Public transport has right of way over local traffic and police and diplomats have right of way over both of those, next time you are trying to over vehicles and cab drivers can just be rude but will tell you they are trying to earn living, but then again the rest of us were not all having a picnic.

Some of my photographs have been destroyed but hidden, make do with iffluence in pics above 

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