Monday, 23 May 2016

Knowledge of the deen

Knowledge of the deen priceless.

When lookiing, look for someone with knowledge of the deen, I have often been rompted, which is unlikely to be in your local vacinity.

With the month of ramadan fas approaching you will be more inclined to be thinking about deen than before and more aware.

Start afresh as you should have done right from the start, but this time the right way as you should have from the begining and fear not for you mistakes because allah is all forgiving.

Waiting for the ahira, but reap the rewards for the hard work you put in now too, you will feel fresher, wiser, calmer and brighter and you can surely thank me later.

Ramadan is not just something to be endured but make time fir ramadan and enjoy everydaym for one day you may not be well enough or young enough to fast.

Spend the time with likewise people and abadat together.

Kajoor from palestinian farmers and ibey zum zum if you are lucky enough. Healthy iftari and sehari.

People like to stare and dont be surprised that someobe maybe be thinking subhanala you covered.

But at the same time with so many people snaping complete strangers in public dont be afraid to wear the nikab inorder to prevent a complete stranger from taking home a picture of you.

In as much as receiving containers if old disgarded clothes, would it be nicer if we got more wear out if the clothes which we love and made sure the money we send for zakat actually gets to the needy.

If you think your once lived ones when rid of haram money would become appealing dont, so start ofv as you mean to go on and remember the impact if your decisions on those less fortunate than yourselves.

more to come

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