Saturday, 14 May 2016


Its a quote from from film called bedknobs and broomsticks
Www. Hochanda . Com for some sewing things.

If you listen to the commentry you can hear the racist slurs.

Whatever the project, everyone  has to start somewhere.

I couldn't remember where I got my rabbit from and then I remembered, It was from school.

It was at school that they had some baby rabbits to find a home for and I had been so excited when I had heard the news, so I rushed home and told my parents.

When I next saw the teacher at school I told her I wanted one of those rabbits and the silly teacher had replied you wont eat the rabbit will you, of coursr not I had responded and had been alarmed at her response, racism is everywhere all sround us all the time and the ignourance of other people is unfortunately something we have to deal with, unless ofcourse you would rather not and move to a better location.

My dad said he would build a rabbit hatch for my rabbit, my dax being a diy enthusiast, i though he would find it difficult to find the time  but made this amazing home for my rabbit I had looked in all the pet shops and my dad saud hd would make a better one than the tiny rabbit natch in the shops. He made this huge rabbit hatch and even my rabbit lived in luxury.

I named my rabbit bugsy malone, after an american ganster.

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