Friday, 27 May 2016



I have worked on many an amazing project with unisys and having left for the most important reason to care for my kids.

I would now erge you all to come together for the most impirtant project if all to ensure pakistan has water in every town by the end if 2016 and that electricity is also availible in each town to be accessible for each home.

Working in collaboration with the local village and local residents to build business ties inorder to help them develop skills with tools with the aim of enabling them to develop lively hoods for themselves.

Its not surprising that the gready decisions of a few has cost the lives and misfortunes of many. Now us not the time to think of yourselves but to work for better solutions collectively. If these measures are not taken now then the world will continue to deteriorate for the misfortune of future generations.

We may not live to see the damage that is future generations will be left to deal with,  with ongoing problems which are still being overlooked.


Its not just one-way traffic systems that need to be implemented locally, to stop exploitation of local areas, but exploitation on the bigger levels needs to be stopped too.

Its the same problems I have seen in the same places over 2 decades ago. We wont see see the extent of the damage that is being done, it will be our children and our grandchilden, which will see the results and destruction of the decisio s that are being made due to peolple's greed.

So lets find the solution now and ensure its implemented.

Instructions need to be clear and precise for couriers or you may find uourself at the depo every day being subjected to identity checks all the time.

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