Tuesday, 24 May 2016


In a digital driven world it can seem daunting to be without your mobile phone for even without a second.

People have managed to function well without being chained to their mobile phones or feeling presurised into having to own the latest model of mobile phones.

If you were to ask me how I would tell you that it comes from having descipline, routine and planning in life. Dont get me wrong when I say mobile free, I do still carry a phone for emergencies or if soneone wants to contact me in an emergency I just dont let it rule my life, I havent been carrying a phone with Internet access so I am not tempted to keep looking at it 24/7 and work is restricted to my chosen working hours.

Friends and family dont bombard me with nonsense all the time and time is used wisely.

On the theme of mobile free and relaxation, detoxifying yourself why not try hijama on sunna days hijama & islamic medicine training.

What better way to go mobile free and detox, than with my favourite drink now found with even less calories.

Can you believe it, its faluda in a bottle that can be purchased from your local newsagent or supermarket and comes without the many calories but still with all the great taste. 

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