Monday, 23 May 2016


1. Close to home, maybe a factor if you dont want to travel

2. Experience and how many years the tailor has been sewing.

3. You will always need to ask to see previos work from tbe tailor.

4. The first piece of clothing  you give the tailor to be shown should be you be reasonably prices fabric and not an expensive one to see the tailor is able to sew.

5. Once your first piece of fabric has been received and yoy are happy with the sewing and fitting of the garmeng you csn then give the tailor mord expensive fabrics with puece of mind your garments will be produced as required.

6. You should always ensure exact mesurements or perfect sized garment is given for sizes. If you dont have an exact size then the tailor can take your bidy measurements this maybe most embarassing if it is a male tailor. It may thefore be easier to take your size measurements with you. It will inevitably be more comfortable for female tailors to take measurements for your clothes.

7. Most tailors whom are expert in their jobs will be able to size you up by simply looking at you.

8. I have been trying out a number of tailors and experimenting with fabrics. Many a tailor will tell you that he/she can sew but standards vary greatly, so do try out a few inorder to avoid being dissapointed.

10. Fabrics are varied and purposeful  for different reasons and occassions. Do try and experiment with these too, although it may be easier to pick the right fabric straight away if you know your fabrics before hand.


1. You can easily be waiting upto 3 weeks to a month for your clothes, expecially if its busy season.

2. Its not common practise but some tailors will steal your material.

3. Even after having written down your instructions on how to sew your garments, instructions will not be followed.

4. Its not common practise but some tailors will try to convince you to have another design yo your chosen one simply because the tailor is unable to sew the design you have asked for.

5. If you are concerned whether you dedign will be sewn accurately you may ask to see some examples, but if its an original piece then its unlikely there will be examples.

6. what may further be of concern is the fact that your designs have reached the retail market but the tailor with your original design has still not sewn the garment as requested.

7. When there is fabric missing to the detrement of your garment, which cannot completed to the simplest of instructions, theres reason for concern.

8. Once you have given the tailor many an opportunity to correct his or her work, you will be well advised to seek an alternative.

9.its also been known to happen in certain circumstances, garments may be sewn well on a first occassions, but not so well later.

10. It may take a while before you find a tailor of your preference but do persevere.

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