Sunday, 12 June 2016



Is it all due to being over worked in london.

I wish I could say I live for the moment, have not a care in the world anc have no morals or values but if the truth be known that just cant be said and I do care what happens to the environment and am concerned I will be questioned on judgement day.

What is less of concern right now is the abandoned baskets, but more so the pesky cookies.

The abandoned carts I can help you with, but how can we turn off these cookies for good.

We are led to be believe that they are there to make our shopping experience a lot better but I am yet to be convinced. I plan to spend a lot longer on this but for the moment if you want to know how to reduce thoseabandoned baskets and how to make the abandoned basket work for you .

What are cookies and other technologies.

more to come.

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