Monday, 13 June 2016


Its really easy for you to copy my style, in fact to duplicate my style which I have been perfecting from childhood.


If you exercise sensibly and eat sensible there is no real struggle and your health and agility will come naturally with Sports direct.

Its not difficult to make the time to keep fit, early mornings or late evenings after work may seem ideal too fit in and around a busy lifestyle, whereas if between jobs that gives you all the time in the day to exercise.

Its probably going to be one of my last few posts, working out is really part of your daily lifestyle as is healthy eating, with many regulars exercising daily in parks.

You dont need new clothes for every daily workout, just throw on any sweats and start your new healthy plan.

With so many offers at the moment you are sure to pickup some bargains.

I have even put some knee exercises here for you if your knee hurts.

please excuse the tea stains.

more to come

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