Saturday, 5 March 2016



It wasnt until I went to dubai or until the macdonals in pakistan was serving burgers that it was posdible to enjoy a big mac or a halal kfc. But now with the convenience of these places at just around the corner and with the £3 kfc meal which isnt so filling that you feel bloated with a ordinary standard meal.

                black velvet , gold and diamonds.

If you still havent bought your mum a present its still not too late, grab something in the morning and dont hesitate to buy something for yourself if your kids are too young yo get you something, because you know you deserve it.

Dont be so cheap as to not even buy flowers or chocolates for your mum. Even if they are from a petrol station even though I dont know anyone that does that, its the thought that counts.

If you dont have the time to cook on the day grab take away.

I am sure you mother would appreciate anything you do for her especially  in this mother fu*king town where they would even sell their own mother,  and everyone is obsessed with your life,  which is why its not a good idea to make eye contact with anyone and everyone looks and says the same, but where every house was million pounds and nobody cared what the browns did.


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