Friday, 29 April 2016

Precautionary measures.

Its of no surprise to see muggins increse in numbers in this neighbourhood,  dont wear your jewellery out.

Try to have your husband around for shopping and other outdoor activities especially if you wear nikab, especially as a sister has had her face slashed with a razor, by 2 black men and 2 white men, a few days ago and anyone that associates with these people is just as vulgar.

People are attempting to mark the faces of girls that cover, it should by no means deter you from covering, but be careful and protect yourselves when out, try to conduct most outdoor activities in groups or with your husband.

Its of no surprise which people and web sites are promoting this hatred and jealousy, keep pepper sprays and rape alarms on you all times.

What does the local mp have to say about this, because she has a lot to say about everything else.

These people are much worse then animals dont try to reason with them or educate with them.

Dont rely on anyone elsa to call the police if there is an incident, which involves yourself or anyone elsa. Call the police yourself, even bus drivers cannot be trusted to call the police.

The girl who has been attacked is still in hospital, make your dua's for her.


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