Friday, 6 May 2016



If people want to read and follow blog sites that purely exist just to contradict the truth and rip everyone off, then its entirely upto them.

Bloggers that are fake, take pictures of food they dont eat are simply marketing and promoting goods, this has led to the obesity problem without showing the realistic consequences of eating such foods.

Moving on from getting the staples in clothing and looking forward to the slimer you after ramadan its possible to invest in something nicer and more expensive.

picture of younis close,  close named after a man's home was petrol bomed due to racism and his wife and young children died. He survived with burns for a few years,  but also died a few years later. I always think of him when I walk past this street. Most people installed double doors, fire alarms and put letter boxes outside after the incident.

Its all good and well naming a close after him but it doesnt bring his family back.

It was a really warm day like today and my dad had been painting the front of the house, mr younis was chatting to him as he painted. Few days later mr younis's house was petrol bombed, everyone had seen mr younis a few days earlier and nobody could believe what had happened, he was such a humble, sweet man told us.

If you are looking for clothing outlets there really is such a huge variety to choose from these days, dont restrict yourselves to ones that are so far away, or just because its places I have been to  or because I had booked a few days off with morning sickness and my brother said we could go there for the day. We had a great day, he picked me up and dropped me back home. I usually spend most of my time shopping for others but its what makes me happy. He had just rang me in the morning and, I said I wasnt felling well. It was a place which was very accessable to us at the time and ofcourse convenient, but I just cant wait to try the new outlets my friends have been telling me about, for everything elsa there is sample sales

1.Internet speeds are deliberately slowed down when trying to upload information and pictures that fake bloggers can copy and pass it off as their own.

2.Emails are not private and passed over to the police if found suspicious and with the focus having been on muslims. at muslim with money have been treated suspiciously,even though they are the most honest and hard working.

3.mail or the post often goes missing, so try to send it recorded where possible.

4. most people will try to hinder your progress on a daily bases.

5. dont just repeat things just because someone elsa said it.

6. Its upto you how large or small you want to keep your emergency fund or money for a rainy day.

7. The clicking you hear at the start of a telephone conversation isthe recording starting of tapped phones, thats phone calls that are being listened into,  and also echoing on the phone in another sign, but in our cases, its mostly corporations stealing our ideas.

8. media, the biggest promoter of corruption.

9. Not to forget watching out for the fashion touts that follow people like me around and try to steal style and ideas and pass them off as their own.

10. Watch who is following you at all times.

I wouldn't want to throwup.

I had lost touch with everyone, friends that is, for a few years and then I heard this voice out of nowhere, EID MUBARAK, it was isha, we were wondering  where you had got too, she said and I was so pleased to hear from her. She had got my number from my family and decided to call me.

Its great mr khan has been elected as londons first mayor, and hopefully he can make a difference, but it doesn't look be an easy job, especially as many muslim mp's have been upset by the political system.


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