Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Collection is ready, lets celebrate.

I am sure you have already heard, its
my lust worthy collection is ready, summer essentials had to be put on hold for a few days, (unexpectedly,  without reason) all inspired by my own personal taste and style.

Complimenting my main clothing line, which features evening wear as opposed to calling it party wear.
Playful  pieces are just stylier lounge wear, with the whole range containing over 30 new pieces. With varying prices for every price range in existence.

I know you are thinking each and everyone of you will find some beautiful item from the collection for each and everyone.

It will have something to appeal to everyone.

in the collection there really is something for each and every lady and rest assured the mens collection is coming soon too.

With garments taking longer than usual to produce, whilst eveyone tries to copy the designs, its a wonder the collection is ready,

With the only thing that they have managed to do is slutify the designs with cheap imitation materials.


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