Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Whats new in fashion jewellery these days

Whats new in fashion jewellery these days


Use your zakat money to get water for pakistan this year if anyones still survived by then.

Oxfam www.oxfam.org.uk and red cross www.redcross.org water is needed in pakistan now.


panarama special, oh yeah and pakistan needs water too.

brown person is buying reduced item

If you look at the price if this item it say original price was £13 and is now reduced to £6.50, but the original price was £7.00. 

In an attempt to get a home for my tablet I am met with further dilemmas. 

This next home for my tablet caused a further disturbance it actually came up as 12p on the system and therefore it had to be checked by 3 people.

Its been recorded on the system as 12p. Whenever you shop somewhere and an item is on sale, the price which shows up on the system is the price you pay. But not in this case, it had to be checked,  and oh I am still expexting to pay £3.50 for it, its passed from one woman to the next woman, the second woman wants to know is this alright got you, well it was about 20 mins ago when I decided to purchase it at £3.50 so i donf see why it wouldnt be alrightfor me to purchase now as I wasng expecting go pay 12p for it although the system has shosn it to be 12p. it is then passed to another sales assistant this time, its a male andhe wants me to show him the receipt for the goods I have already purchased. I am the self service till by the way and by the way the sales assistant has actually put my goids through the till for me, and so I showed him the previous receipt and he is able to do thd reduction.

Its not something thats normally done on self service till, but the sales assistant kindly offered to put the items through the till while, she said I packed.

If I was to split hairs then it really should have been 12p

What initially initiated the conversation to begin with was the tablet stand.

Instead of going through the till at the reduced price of £5.00 it was still reading as £10.00.

With the first sales assistant having been asked to put the price of the tablet stand through accurately she then offered to put the rest of my items through while I packed, she continued to put some futher items through at their original price eventhough they had been reduced. I pointed this out to her and it was an honest mistake and no harm had been done.

But when the tablet cover shiwed up as 12p it was too much fof her and it had to become queried. It was then passed to the next woman sales assistant whom repetitively asked is this alright for you, ... when the male assistant had then to confirm and finally make the price correction, he emphasised on thank you as he left. You should surely have apologised for the great inconvenience you have caused.

I do try to make life as easy as possible for you. I use the selfservice till, and I even remember to bring my own bags now and wonder exactly what it is you are being paid for.

Here is the item which initiated the conversation 

Use your zakat money to pay for water for pakistan this year.

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