Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Conversation with you has cost deerly, BEST IS YET TO COME


You already have been travelling, did you forget, you can use those pictures, but you already would.

I'm showing them what she upto, how she tricks them and they are so silly.

Can you not see her standing in the club, no, because they just see what they want to see,just what their jealousy allows them to see, they are too busy complaining about seeing my ankles.

THE DIVORCE WAS 10 YEARS AGO NOT 7, I THOUGHT IT WAS 7 does'nt time fly when you're having fun.

how many millions? you wont tell, do tell

but tell them you are brown, because brown and rich, thats unthinkable.

Its easily available information. you just need to know where to look.

Oh they think its not haram money as long as nobody knows about it

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