Thursday, 30 March 2017



  • I had to have scan done & specifically asked if woman would do the scan, there was a man in the room & said he would leave the room, whilst I was having the scan & had sensors stuck on my back, I wasnt wearing any clothes except for some jogging bottoms, the man who had initially left the room stuck his head through the curtain & said he wanted to ask a question, whilst he looked at me the whole time. I thank god I had a towel over me as he looked at me the whole time whilst he asked his question. I wonder are these people really so fucking stupid.
  • white, he looked european, although he may have not been.
we should get paid for helping with the research ! but I don't mind helping the doc

I kept my niqab on the whole time.

I did ask if I needed to wear the gown as I usually do, but they said I didnt need one on this occasion. 

I have agreed to help them with some research.

be back in few days

I don't want any of my personal details to show in the researchers report, otherwise I will have to withdraw from participating in the research.

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