Sunday, 23 April 2017



If you are putting hi-lights low-lights in your hair thats the same as adding colour & dying hair.

I don't have hi-lights or low-lights incidentally.

On the other hand if I was just going back to the life of contracting then there wasn't really any reason for me to waste my last 5 years talking & trying to help you.

People that have really made money, aren't really going to put it in courses on the internet are they, and information is acumulative and evolving & changing all the time.

Internet has become an ever increasing growing problem & how secure or trusting can we really be to think that the information will ever be safe.

I think there is more than one company offering the ferry ride at the embankment, I'm sure I did all of the tourist stuff when I was a child, but if you have any luck and get the black hosts I had last time, they will tell you it £16,60 each way, but in reality you can even use your oyster card, don't need to get an additional ticket and its £16.60 for the return journey, the misinformation isn't helpful infact thats seriously messedup.

I checked at the thames clipper, I asked number of times, thought I'd get bite to eat first.

I need to get some rest & won't be blogging in much of hurry.

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