Tuesday, 4 April 2017



Its that time of the month & easter will be here soon . it may be the festive that we don't all celebrate but for the rest of us its just another excuse for some sweets .

you may wish to do something different & celebrate easter differently this year , not with chocolate eggs but sentimental & meaningful presents .

If you are looking for novel presents instead of the usual classical and regular present ideas then I have just the thing for you, many of you would have seen me ponder over the idea for eternity & yes you guessed right , its silk slipper bags .

If its home goals that you seek then new utensil jars would seem the perfect choice .

I know you watched me window shopping and eagerly awaited my new inspiration to be bestowed upon you, its fossil lugguage, whether you are planning to go for the weekend or not at www.fossil.com

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