Thursday, 6 April 2017

Its so london

Its so london. Read Daytime .

its so london with high crime rates & high levels of stress & unemployment .

I don't open the door to anyone unless I am called on my phone first & only my family have my phone numberits the best anyone can do to be protect oneself .

Its best not to go shopping late at night and stick to just your close circles of  friends , & family which one has know for many years .

I had initiall put contact numbers on my website, but competitors and nuciance callers find it haven for exploitation .

It also help with fans constantly not being able to ring the intercom system & at times making nusiance calls .

we are always challenged as muslims living in a non muslum country as to where we should go & whom we shoukd talk to. often we are criticised for everything we do by someone or another just to be critised by the media for everything that we do. if that isnt enough you will often find many people acting as muslims and taking it upon themsekves just to mock everything that is done .

It is without doubt upto the individual if you wish to go to the pub or a company dinner or christmas party .

often people will remark that they haven't really experienced such problems , but its not till you know that reall hights of success have been achieved. Its much easier to blog on websites and interactive magazines when people are being paid millions of pounds by sponsors & marketing agreements with other promoters to give biased markeing it is not so easy where I have tried to give more of an honest and realistic outlook, without working in groups of upto 200 people .

See you on the blog, chat later .

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