Friday, 14 April 2017



If I wanted the photographs any clearer I would have employed the professional photographer, but as I wanted the photographs more blurry, short of switching the lights off , ta-dah. You know how it is with people liking to copy designs.

Presents to be cherished for life for years to come. Sentimental value far outweighs the value of 22 cts, but it helps with the everlasting durability of the presents and of course the therapeutic qualities of pure gold.

If you focused on your home and family above everything like me you will maybe at times ponder on the amount of money you spent on your main purchase of your life which was your home.

It wouldn't surprise you that you could have purchased many the luxury item but instead you decided to invest in your homes as I did.

Its really one thing to dispose of items that hold no sentimental value to maintain your home especially when children are the main priority but its quite another to cherish, love & value the gift of true sentimental value.

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