Thursday, 6 April 2017



Its really no longer,  its only days that trump has come to be elected topped up on weapons & decided air strikes on asad of syria , claiming that asad is responsible even though asad has not accepted responsibility for the gas attack . Its really no coincidence .

Why hasn't the united nations punished israel for the genocide that took place in palestine.

Even if asad was to blame for the release of nerve gas in syria, if he did release gas in syria,  how is the interference of america justified when it was completely responsible for funding the genocide in palestine, aided and abetted with the uk of course .

we filled an aircraft with medical supplies in uk, but it wasn't able to lift off the ground, it wasnt able to fly to palestine and it was not given permission to land in palestine so the civilians could gain access to the medical supplies, even though the geneva convention stated that all civilians of a war will be entitled to medical supplies.

Its because its true that america and uk doesn't have friends it has only interests . oil .

If the uk is thinking of adding vat to school dinners & introducing corporation tax, this country is seriously headed down the pan .

I am the nice person, so I don't mind helping people with their research from which I have absolutely nothing to gain personally. even after everything I have been through .

I would have thought we needed friendships, leading to marriages & partnerships , but its all about the money for them cover girls , covering for their own sordid relationships & amidst it all I think they even think they can call themselves muslims, whilst attempting to fool the rest of us & the rest of the time you don't really know.

its time & time again that america & uk is told not to interfere in what happens in other countries but these countries don't stop with their interference.

with the residents of syria fighting amongst themselves, its left opportunity for the likes of trump for whom it is business to find excuse to attack assad in syria even though assad hasn't accepted any responsibility but either way trump stands to personally financially gain, but america as states, will be left to bear the brunt of this financial burden once again falling further into debt & poverty.

if syria didn't continue to defy residents of their rights there would have been more of what would have seen as more peaceful resolutions, these disputes don't evolve from nowhere and have resulted in mass destruction.

if you can learn from anything from the mistakes of the uk joining the eu, if america wants genuine progress for america it would be best to leave concerns of syria to syria and avoid america from falling into further poverty, because trump will walk away gaining financially either way .

 I am sure you're films are hotter & thats really where the real money is , isnt it ! If it wasnt for utube & we relied solely on bbc propaganda we would never know the real truth .

I have to be doing something meaningful otherwise I may as well have stayed in suburbia , don't further bring the states into downfall & don't be part of syria's destruction . If you watch utube you will see rights are still being violated for the residents , if you watch bbc propaganda it will show syria has justice not for everyone, without knowing the politics of that country don't bring your own country into downfall & stop further injustice before its begun . King jordan has been surprisingly in the media,    russia would seem to have the peaceful solution. & russia is also saying there is no evidence of chemical weapon use.

uk seems to have helped in more ways than one really, apparently , assad was allegedly meant to have gassed its own people in 2013, but no trump puppet  equivalent decided on air strikes then, but there was no evidence then either.

is it true american leaders are only interested in destruction !

its always project israel isnt it LISTEN HERE ,  "complicit" really you fools.

It was claimed assad killed 70 with the nerve gas & trump killed 70 with hs attacks, both in syria, is that what you call justice. If russia could hold off the trump attacks & reach resolution at un, as long as its fair resolution, that would be best really.

I suspect whats happening if the allegations of nerve gas are true, for which incidentally there is no evidence, assad's people are not listening to him denying people their rights & nerve gas may have been released. If anyone stands up for their rights they will be deemed terrorist by the uk, whatever goes against the uk stocks of gold stores. But as there has been no evidence which would be easily determined, as we know first hand how much these people lie, I doubt nerve gas was ever used.

what may have seemed good to have the business minded person trump come to lead in america, to build america in what would have been desired in the business sense has failed and he has sought to follow his own personal gain & project israel. his decisions have been overturned in the past, whom is being supported by other israel supporters in his cabinet as usual but you need fair business minds to grow & develop america.

there isnt such an apparent project israel in the uk, mostly just the dum that flaps about, but it is still evident, none the less.

It a pity that palestine & afghanistan didn't have agreements with russia for protection.

I am busy for the rest of the week, some prior engagements !


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