Wednesday, 19 April 2017



If you have had to temporarily be living somewhere just for maybe work reasons, just because you needed to be in a certain location for family or for any number of reasons, it would be argued that it was still all me, but its fashion & style on budget.

Its always best not to worry about what people will say as there is as many opinions as there is mouths.

Its only you thats living your life whether you are studying, leisurely blogging or freelancing, which has got to be my favorite. But it comes at different times of our lives what we choose to do with our lives,  whether we choose to work voluntarily, pursue the career we have worked all our lives for or if its just the leisurely blog。

Its not always fun that we are looking for, sometimes it may be the security of the 9 to 5 or it may be the freedom for the freelancer , or otherwise known as contracting, but it could just as easily have become the combination to have become the dream.

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