Wednesday, 31 May 2017



I heard a lot of stories from my sisters when I first came to live here , it was ofcourse nor just sister stories , it was ofcourse about many people that had been wronged by other people. I wanted to help people from being exploited , sisters or not .

I have done that I have managed to make people more aware & also shared business paths & ideas .

If we & our sisters can make ourselfs stonger , empower oneanother , generally protect ourselfs from being robbed from cleaners or just general theifs on a day to day basis then it will be much more of a better world to live in .

its not actually surprising that most of the problems we face are universal , 3 out of the 5 cleaners I have jad , have turned out to be theives , the other one still stole fruit & when I saw her she said she was really hungry , I don't doubt that she was hungry , but wobdered why she just didn't ask first , but the other one was actually very christian & thats really the
 only cleaner thar I didn't have problems with .

I guess , 1/5 cleaners is the real statistics .

Ir may just be modern day problems , but exactly how modern day are ,we actually talking about.

It gets a bit more complicated when the cleaner turns out to be in family photographs of erm someone you once was once working with & I caught her trying to rob the house .

I have got my hands on something elsa , its hand creams .

Would be wondering what footwear I went for in this hot wearher , as comfirt and convenience is my main factor in my decision making process , these comfy , flip flops .

With private trainers I find they are ok gor yoning , not as useful for calorie burning , but to rigid a timetable for me , I prefer the freedom to exercuse at my convenience & leisure .

In all fairness they have exercises to target areas of the body which is really useful & efffective when you are looking to take the workout routine to the next level .


I am an i .t consultant by profession . i .t stands for information technology . its what I have always done & probably what I will always do .

its some sick individuals out there that think its funny to upload my photograph onto porn sites . I have already spoken to the police about it & you can rest assured I will pursue to matter till its resolved till the end .

its a small problem , not something to be alarmed about & all that competitive bloggers have left to do .

with fashion bloggers its sonething I decided to pursue an interest in , its not something I would recommend to others due to the unprofessionalism that surrounds the nature of the work .

I wanted to show the diversity within asian culture with my fashion blog, blogging is something I do as a hobbie , I wanted to show how its possible to dress modestly , bring an awarenees of islam at the same time & but akso show that you can dress well without spending excessively , you can garantee , this is a problem for anyone and eveyones business it effects .

I don't plan to stop blogging at any time.

Its pathetic behaviour from sick individuals , the best you can do is feel sorry for these people and hope the can better their lives . its more typical of london behaviour unfortunately .

I spend as much time as I feel is necessery for fashion blog site , its not my full time job & it insn't something I have though about pursuing fultime . i wanted to bring a different perspective about fashion to people , but many business ideas and aspecrs have also been incorporated into my blogs .

I wanted to show much helps in our lives, if some people don't like it thats your problem & not mine .

What I have said & writren about is the truth ,  I make no appology for any of my comments & if you don't like something thats written thats your problem & not mine & none of my opionions & views have changed .

When people talk about fluctuations in imaan which means faith , it might mean some might wear the nikab or not , or still wear the scarf & maybe not the hijab , it doesnt mean someone will start working on porn sites .

Blog come corporation .

Monday, 29 May 2017


blog as soon as I have been .

I have already made an itinery for me & my family , nieces & nephews included , speeling unchecked as of yet , tourist attractions in mind & not yet timetabled .



to be discussed in detail.

Sunday, 28 May 2017


the convenience of purchasing clothes & comfort in the clothes that I wear is really the best for me .

I don't have time to update this blog .

I got caught out in the rain yesterday ,  I don't have to explain anything to anyone , people will do anything to ridicule muslims , even people pretending to be muslims , if you continue with the hate crime will be & has been reported to the police, you have been warned.

None of my views have changed .

I teally don't know what is wrong with these people , where its not even possible to go into a restuarant without the staff trying to make rude comments & chatting up .

I am doing a fashion blog about fashion , & the information I have given these people alone 
 has greatly benefit them , but these people keep trying to trick relationships which simply will never happen.

you need to learn to treat people with the same respect you would expect to treat members of your own family , if you do have any respect for yoi own family or anyone that is. don't exhibit your psychotic behaviour around me , i'm not intetested .

I don't have media packs availible at moments & will never be deteted from the blogging so find someone elsa to haress .

If you wanted to discuss business you have plenty of time at the approach & discuss business at the events you have seen me cover on blog site , I am really not intetested in your ego games .

I had to get a cab back from a private company yesterday as train service hasn't been made 24hrs everyday . but it doesnt stop tongues of the ignourant wagging , its a small minded town of many ignourant people .

most men are involved in relationships with many women as are the women involved with many , you need stop haressing people such as myself that doesnt engage in this behaviour .

Its shocking how these people are obsessed with my personal life . What I do with my personal life is of personal concen, as is where I go and what I do .

Saturday, 27 May 2017


Its definately worth the visit .

I really enjoyed the rhs chelsea flower show much more than I expected, had tea & dinner at the event so there really wasn't any need to go alfresco elsawhere .
I have photographed few of my favourite displays.

If you are planning to spend the whole day there which is advisible rather than just turningup for the jazz concert at the end, much light refreshments, breakfast , lunch & dinner at the restuarant is also available .

You would be surprised at how quickly tickets sell out so its advisable to book in advance . I was actually shocked at the turnout & didn't expect to see the place full .

It can be informative & interesting for children too , probably not something you would expect to do with young children , but something older children would enjoy & may develop green fingers and an interest in at an earlier age.

In & amongst the breathtaking flower display, there is this huge retail selection of items , from gardening items , garden ornaments to this selection of boutique quality of gardening overals that would look amazing in any boutique , fair change from the usual boring gardening overals you may be use to wearing. I saw some beautiful butterfly garden ornaments that I couldn't see on the way back so I guess I will just have to back again next year .

Its nice to relax at the end of the chelsea flower show & enjoy the additional events that have been arranged to members to enjoy .

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


I can't think of anything more boring & revolting then shopping in this hot weather for the next few days .

It looks as though we are about to have some hot weather here for the next few days & making plans to enjoy this hot spell of weather in the uk .

If you are looking for more of the unique outfits , you'll have to head away from high street brands , if its places to enjoy the hot weather then head for the beach, pebbled or sandy , but if school holidays haven't quite began yet prior responsibilities always take presidence.

Its always good to get away for the holiday  season as you will be enjoying longer spells of hot weather. If you can get away before the school holidays even better .

You have to be able to manage you're own time & money effectively between seight seeing & sports abroad, with young children on holiday abroad, if travelling & holidaying in large groups , I would suggest two itinerarys . One for the younger holiday maker that needs to keepup with naps & another for the active traveller.

Change currency before you leave , take more rather than less when it comes to young children's accessories , & don't rely on purchasing your essentials when on holiday , unless you want to stay behind & go to the flower show .

You can grab last minute essentials from the 24 hour supermarket , & don't worry if the kids laugh when you tell them you grabed some last minute casual, neutral clothing essentials from the supermarket, as the quick holiday getaway was much more important .

You may be wondering what all the confusion was about  the last few days , manchester hospital got bombed because it didn't update its patches ?

I can't think of any better ideas than to get away for that well deserved holiday . Cos you definately don't want to be sitting in the waiting room, talking about patches to be shown pictures of ripped clothes. its obvious we are talking about these patches when talking about computers , whether or not you mentioned obtaining the masters degree, but still didn't understand patches !

Is it a joke , people taking heavy picknic baskets on holiday , is it a joke the computers were hi-jacked just because patches weren't updated & bombing of manchester hospital could have been avoided , they had been warned at the start of year.

Not available in high street shops

With new abaya designs becoming more available , take your selection with you before going on holiday & your preference to purchase clothes may be better suited abroad as clothes are more cheapily & easily availible & can be given to the poor when leaving , amongst many of other things I gave to the charity shops that was nolonger in fashion & worn.

Sunday, 21 May 2017



Its much more intimate, match the shoes to the outfit or outfir to the sandals.

I know you have wondered many times , should it be the shoes that are matched to the outfit or the other way round .

When deciding what to wear climate appropriate , subtle complementing the outfit , confortable footwear .

If its accesorising otherwise then its to match the comfortable footwear to the glamourous outfit .

I have always found asian clothing , can tastefully be adapted to many an occassion , be it asain or western .

When matching that evening bag to the outfit as tempting as the collaboration of the invitation  may sound , you may be inclined to paas , aware or not of the complimenting item .

It may be moew of the casual approach you are expecting to compliment that outfit .

It looks to be of the very last blog, enjoy .

Instragram is visial tool gor business therefore it should have options that enable coments to be disabled . 

Friday, 12 May 2017


Information to be updated.

If I feel like updating the information.

don't you have backup system you can bringup , what kind of silly hospital is that , computer systems been hijacked .


I have spent some time here trying to explain the many pitfalls that people fall into, its obviously not to everyones approval as many amongst those are od those that exploit .

whatever you do though , don't be without that additional holiday home . You will need to renew your passport every three to five years , residence visa uponctge purchase id property .but even with that in mind dubai makes the good additional holiday home option .

It may be your 20th home investment it may the first of few investment properties , just like many of us we have been visiting dubai for that relaxing holiday which provides many locations for sight seeing & amusement parks for children & adults to enjoy alike .

Weather is great in dubai for everyone to enjoy , it less likely to have coloured racists .

Its really intolerable bahaviour on the sales floor , & I doubt anyone will be interested in helping again .

In the steets of london violence is seen to be growing but its really more an issue tfat hasnt received the media coverage before .

It obviously the place , where you would expect the concept of halal & haram to be more easily understood .



Practical , durable & lockable ehat more does the lady of today need , made of animal skin it may not be to eveyones taste but its large enough to fit the notebook , tablet but not the heavy laptop with compartments for the samsung phone the female wallet & other compact accessories us ladues have become accostomed to .

We may not always need to be , working on the go these days , established or not , but modern day lufe does tequire us to keep in touch with the current world & continuously changing world & environment in which we life in .

I wear fashion & don't study it , its tge fun side of my life & don't want to be restricted to decisions based on cutrent trends & what tabloids say you should wear , its also not what I see as someone I want exhibited as others do .

I really do think these colour combinations of these burberry bags are exquisite , as we hush away our purchases or designer bags these colour combinations certainly help to add variety to the colour combinations of garments we put together at moments notices .

You only need to look at these wonderful combination of bags to be completely refreshed by these designs, hilighted ny the luminous green backdrop here .

If I was looking for a replacement to the current brown bag then I would opt for this .

With summer & with so many patel option & combinations it seems such shame to kiss out on the patel colours to match with bright & light clothes  & hijab . If you are looking for space for your prayer mat, its there too .


BURBERRY  revisited or not , can't see through the door.

reserved for yruffles .



I have my eye on few of my favourites , not what you would expect , some of the designs are classical favourites , which have been adapted .
If you jnow the company you will see the changes otherwise it will seem as though it all new designs .

It may the current service intolerable & lack of patience with the levels of ignourance that I gave had to deal with , therefore it is quite relief & pleasure I found , when met with someone that is  relevant of product knowledge .

Thursday, 11 May 2017



I think these desifner velvet bags took my fancy immediately & as part if the summer collection 5oo , especially fun for the younger generation , wouldn't you agree .

I am always looking for unique & limited edition designs , that are not what I would traditionally call incest pieces , as I think thats really reserved for jewellery if precious metals & precious stones , but  would agree that designer bags especially when limited in the numbers availible also make desirable investment pieces .

In accordance with those sumner pieces you would agree are also these lovely pieces , also limited in stock , osterich skin decorated , & straw effect incorporated & hand stiched , & very well colour co-ordinated, match & colour complemented .

Its such the novel surprise to see such new designs but rest assured that they won't be availible for very long .

Tuesday, 9 May 2017




If there is one less person stabbed on the streets then it was definately worth it , I doubt the stabbed person will ever get  mentioned in the media again .

Why anyone without family there would ever want to live there is completely beside me , never mind down the road .

If that wasnt enough, then opposite the park, on the other side , pityfull really .

Its not one moment that passes , the police siren isnt heard or theres a fire engine going off , or theres an ambulance that goes by .

Not dressing for downtime , but casual daily dressing , warm maroon velvets , even if the bus driver has the heating on the buses in the summer & not in the winter.

information to be updated .


I did try to tell the kids to hand in their weopens , its mostly gang related but the stabbing , was over cheating black girl , when there is unusual activity in the streets at 3.00am in the morning the police should have been more aware .
kids are going into collegues with knives strapped to their stomaches , when found by security at the door to be strapped with knives , they only need to explain that they think there might be fights or he feels at risk security men at the door will turn a blind eye .

It could have been more stabbings but when there is an usual level of activity on the streets at 3.00am in the morning the police should have been more cautious, as every life matters .

its children faced with limited opportunity, investing in too much in relationships at such young age, when the relations are not even secure and the kids have the rest of their lives ahead if them, dont go out late at night and focus on your own future & dont invest so much in such an insecure relationship at such young ages .

pokice should be doing more spot checks in streets & especially in schools .

I was toi tired too take off my cosmetics & was half asleep , I kept thinking I will get up any minute now & use my cleanser , so you could sat I was semi asleep , but I could hear thete was an unusual amount of people in the street at that time of the morning .

its always gang related because these kids are idolising the gangs, dont waste your life over these people that are making much money from you , my skin wasnt glowing as a result , & its related to inner city london problems as usual ,

its disgusting how people try to make everything about themselves.

hows that for talking , dont waste your life . teenager killed in walthamstow stabbing

Saturday, 6 May 2017



If I don't get chance to say it on the day .

Information to be updated.

Thursday, 4 May 2017



information to be updated .

We like to send out full sized e .d .t for promotional campaigns especialy when releasing a new male fragrance or female fragrance.

included in the promotional packs is also other advertising equiptment & depending upin availability promotional products from other companies .

Its not only guerila adverising that does . Its also other aspects of marketing & advertising .

its relevant to offer bespike solutions at times. is not prejudice in the work it does but that cant be said for others .

Monday, 1 May 2017



Information to be updated soon .



I am making shami kebabs for me & my family this bank holiday monday. Being the corporation doesn't leave much time to do everything especially when I am always trying to help people . its of course not always best received because people are always exploiting others and don't want you to help them .

shami kebab shown her with plum .

its a public holiday here in the uk & we like to get together with friends & family .

secret recipie for shami kebabs to be updated here。

I can't think of a worse day to go shopping than bank holiday .Having ti struggke with all those crowds & rude people.

I can't think if a better day than to stay at home and relax , spend time with the family & even catchup with housework .

With the uncertainty of brexit looming its no surprise people are reluctant to spend & feel better keeping hold of their money at moment .

I would love to know how you spent your bank holiday monday & do share in the coments below .


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