Monday, 1 May 2017



I am making shami kebabs for me & my family this bank holiday monday. Being the corporation doesn't leave much time to do everything especially when I am always trying to help people . its of course not always best received because people are always exploiting others and don't want you to help them .

shami kebab shown her with plum .

its a public holiday here in the uk & we like to get together with friends & family .

secret recipie for shami kebabs to be updated here。

I can't think of a worse day to go shopping than bank holiday .Having ti struggke with all those crowds & rude people.

I can't think if a better day than to stay at home and relax , spend time with the family & even catchup with housework .

With the uncertainty of brexit looming its no surprise people are reluctant to spend & feel better keeping hold of their money at moment .

I would love to know how you spent your bank holiday monday & do share in the coments below .

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